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Asia Minor Partners (AMP) is a transcultural network of churches and individuals dedicated to helping reformation Christianity prosper and grow throughout Asia Minor. Its vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ flourish through a locally-led movement of believers, pastors, and teachers who demonstrate the love of Christ based on a deep understanding of Middle Eastern culture.

AMP embraces an innovative model to gospel ministry which emphasizes partnership between Western churches and national pastors and their congregations in the Middle East. It is governed by a council with representatives from supporting churches in the West (predominantly within the Presbyterian Church of America), and from the churches in the Middle East.

As the partners learn from brothers and sisters in a different culture, and they work hand-in-hand to this end, they anticipate that their own hearts and minds and churches will be enlightened and brought to greater maturity. Submitting to one another in Christ, ministry partners commit to active collaboration, mutual accountability, and the establishment of enduring relationships that form the essential basis for an organization that must expect to face overwhelming challenges over an extended period of time. Partners seek to combine and optimize their organizational, financial, and spiritual resources, anticipating that over time each will give and receive, each will teach and learn, and each will minister and serve.

AMP currently supports two national pastors and their churches, in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, and in Ankara, the country's capital. These strategic centers allow AMP to exert influence throughout that country, and from there throughout the Middle East and islamic world.