Our Vision

To make visible the invisible kingdom of heaven
for the glory of God and joy of all peoples.


Our Mission:

We seek to see God’s invisible kingdom made visible as we
grow in grace and give our lives away in the following areas:

Worship that exalts God in Christ and promotes unity in the Spirit.

Discipleship that is rooted in all the Scriptures and centered in the gospel.

Community that is characterized by discipleship and care for one another.

Local Missions that promotes the common good and evangelizes the lost.

Global Missions that participates in church planting and spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our Core Values

Worship at St. Paul’s is characterized by:
a.   God centered and historically rich liturgy
b.   An emphasis on the ordinary means of grace
( i.e. expository preaching, faithful administration of the sacraments, prayer and fellowship)
c.   Wholehearted devotion, expressed corporately and individually
d.   Reverence and gladness that reflects God’s greatness and grace

Discipleship at St. Paul’s is characterized by:
a.   Biblical and theologically Reformed instruction
b.  Practical teaching that equips the saints for every good work
c.   A breadth of options to nurture Christians at every stage of life
d.  A commitment to move all believers toward maturity in Christ

Community at St. Paul’s is characterized by:
a.   Mutual love for one another that makes Jesus known
b.   Intergenerational fellowship
c.   Strong marriages and families
d.   Assimilation for service, fellowship and edification of the body
e.   Disciples that make disciples who follow Christ

Local Missions
at St. Paul’s is characterized by:
a.   The declaration and demonstration of the gospel in word and deed
b.   Partnerships with others in ministering to the needs of our community
c.   Church-wide and personal involvement
d.   Generosity, with special concern for the poor

Global Missions
at St. Paul’s is characterized by:
a.   Church-centered partnerships
b.   The training of indigenous leaders and pastors
c.   A special concern for unreached peoples
d.   Significant investment in a limited number of partnerships

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