Counseling Ministry

Anne McDougall


"I began my study in counseling with "Dynamics of Biblical Change", a course taught by David Powlison. Little did I know that one 12-week course would set me on a journey that would change my life. How did it change my life? I learned that I was as much a sinner and as deeply needy as anyone I would ever counsel. I learned that I was made in the image of God, as were all the people I might be privileged to help. And I learned there was a God of grace, sufficient to cover my sin and meet my need. I was hungry for more so I enrolled in the counseling program offered by the Christian Counseling Education Foundation, CCEF (connected to Westminster Theological Seminary). Once I completed the program I longed to help others find the deep peace I was learning to experience.

My journey has been a humbling one, but filled with hope. As the wife of a long time PCA elder, the mother of two married children and grandmother of seven, I have learned through experience as well as study that "real help" does not come from within me but from the Lord Himself. No other experience outside of my marriage and my family has had a greater impact on the way I think and live my life than the ministry of CCEF's School of Biblical Counseling.

I hope to be able to encourage those who seek counsel that change at the heart level is the only kind that lasts. We need Christ and His Body, the Church to lead us to that heart change. My goal as a counselor is to walk with people who are struggling and lead them to the comfort and healing only Christ can offer. This is possible by getting to know and love the people who come for counseling and to help them more intimately know the ultimate healer, Christ our Lord.

For legal purposes in the state of Florida I became an ordained Chaplain in early 2014 and am considered a pastoral counselor rather than a licensed mental health therapist (LMHT)."