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Joel and Stephanie

Toulouse is a growing city with aviation, aerospace, and high-tech industries. There are over 120,000 university students and many young professionals. Like much of France, the spiritual climate is resistant, even post-Christian, yet Joel and Stephanie, along with their team, find many opportunities to share the love of Christ. They are working to re-establish a reformed, evangelical church near the city center and also lay groundwork for a new congregation in the western suburbs. As believers better understand the Gospel of grace, they pray that the abundant life in Jesus Christ will overflow into the lives of their family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the broader city.

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Alex and Suzanne Sarran

The Sarrans are planting a church near the center of Lyon, which is the second largest urban area in France, behind Paris. The church-plant is still at a pioneer stage, as the congregation is made up of about forty-five people and still lacks a proper session of elders and a meeting place where it can become established in the city. The Sarrans are involved in different kinds of outreach, from personal evangelism to public events in coffee shops, but most of all, they are convinced that the ordinary, prayerful, and persistent preaching of the Word of God will transform lives, families, and communities, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the small congregation would continue to grow, that God would raise up leaders, and that a permanent, functional, visible meeting place would be found. Pray that many of the church-plant's contacts would come to know Christ, despite the amount of cultural prejudice that French people have against the Bible.