Chaplain Dan and Shirley Matsche - Canon City, CO

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry provides spiritually mature, equipped, and motivated Christian chaplains to serve in correctional facilities nationally and internationally. Chaplains minister and serve 300,000 incarcerated men, women, and youth daily in twenty-two states and twenty-five countries (with more countries being added yearly). They share the love of Christ to inmates and staff, while also facilitating the ministry of thousands of volunteers.

The vision of Good News is to meet the spiritual needs of both inmates and staff through evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral attention, while facilitating other religious faiths within the guidelines established by law and the individual correctional facility. They desire to reach every inmate in the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many of the incarcerated have serious issues in their lives because of the lifestyle they have chosen. Many have lost hope of ever knowing a different kind of life for them and their families. This is where the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ shines light on a very dark world!

Dan serves with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry in two prisons in Colorado. He has what he calls a ministry of presence and is known to the inmate population and many of the staff as a man of God who they can be comfortable speaking with. His love for his men and his love for the Lord Jesus and his Word are is used to minister truth to those who so desperately need to hear it. He teaches weekly Bible classes, leads church services, gives one-on-one counseling sessions with both inmates and staff, and also handles emergency notifications, informing inmates of the severe sickness or death of a family member.

Dan's wife Shirley ministers with him on Sundays during their prison worship services where she uses her wonderful gift of singing sharing the gospel through special music, for which the men are so appreciative. She also handles much of the administrative tasks associated with their ministry.

Rev. Miles - CRFC State Prison: Orlando, FL

Miles is an assistant pastor at St. Paul's with a special emphasis in prison ministry. Originally from Colorado, Miles enjoyed a lengthy civil service career in electronic engineering, followed by as many years with Campus Crusade for Christ Jesus Film, before earning an M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando.

Ministering inside the large state prison east of Orlando, Miles provides worship services with verse-by-verse expository preaching. As an extension of St. Paul's, these services reflect aspects of corporate worship at St. Paul's.

Ministering outside of prison, Miles provides employment counseling to the formerly incarcerated and newly released from area prisons. On many occasions, this includes life skills counseling.

Ed and Anne McDougall - Central FL

The Florida Church Planting Network supports planting gospel-centered PCA churches in Florida.

Planting new churches in Florida is a key part of kingdom growth:

  • They are the most effective way to reach the lost
  • Florida is growing and there is a need to keep up with that growth
  • New churches are reaching minority communities
  • The Great Commission starts with a command to go into "Judea" which means the local area
  • The churches planted in Florida support missions around the world
  • Over forty PCA churches from Jacksonville to Naples have banded together to form the Florida Church Planting Network and are committed to raising up planters and financially supporting PCA church plants. Through the contributions of member churches and partners, over $2 million has been committed in the past five years to support new church plants.

    Andy and Kelly West - Orlando, FL

    Andy and Kelly are members of St. Paul's and like many believers, their lives were significantly impacted by the Lord during their teen years. They have served with the teen outreach ministry of Cru since 1984. It's mission is to serve the body of Christ by taking the Gospel to middle and high school campuses.

    Andy and Kelly's ministry is campus-based: they go to young people, reaching them in their world, with the objective of reaching lost teenagers with the Gospel and equipping Christian teens to reach their lost peers. They have seen that the most fruitful missionary to the campus is a Christian student. They present the claims of Christ to all kinds of student groups including neighborhood groups, athletic teams, drill teams, bands and music groups, student government, and classrooms.

    Discipleship is carried out through small-group Bible studies. They teach the students the basics of the Christian life such as forgiveness, the Spirit-filled life, prayer, and studying God's word. They also equip students to explain the gospel and lead their own Bible studies.

    Lee and Sarah Wright - RUF at UCF: Orlando, FL

    Lee Wright serves as the campus minister of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). RUF is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America and to date is on over 150 campuses across the nation. RUF at UCF reaches over 120 students at the second largest college campus in the United States with over 63,000 students. The mission of RUF is to reach and equip students with the message of Christ and him crucified to serve the world and church. We reach students through three avenues of ministry: large group meetings Tuesday nights, small groups throughout the week, and one-on-one interactions with students.

    Joe and Becky - Orlando, FL

    After taking a trip to Nepal that gave him a passion to join in God's global work of missions, Joe joined Pioneers, where he has been serving on the information technology (IT) team for the last ten years. Pioneers is a mission agency that focuses on church-planting among the most unreached people groups around the world, those that have the greatest spiritual need, with no established church and few or no believers. Almost half of the world's seven billion people are in these unreached groups.

    The role of the IT team at Pioneers is to support both the mobilization base staff and the missionaries on the field, as well as provide services to their partner churches and donors. From providing and managing computers and networks, to building websites, databases, and other applications, the IT team enable and empower the work of Pioneers in many critical ways.

    Partner in Ministry: Third Millenium Ministries - Casselberry, FL

    Third Millennium Ministries believes every Christian in the world has a right to a well-trained pastor. By creating a free multimedia seminary curriculum in multiple languages, Third Mill is equipping church leaders in their own land, in their own language, and at no cost to them. Third Mill is providing global Christian leaders with the biblical training they need to lead their congregations into a solid faith in Christ.

    Third Mill produces award-winning curriculum in English, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic, and partners with others to translate it into over a dozen others. They deliver their curriculum to users at every level of technology: print, DVD, web, mobile apps, and satellite. With users in every country of the world, Third Mill is saturating the globe with masters-level Christian education and changing the lives of pastors, lay leaders, and their congregations everywhere.

    John and Betsy Casto - Cullowhee, NC

    Full Pardon Ministries, Inc. in North Carolina is now serving the residents and staff of sixteen nursing/convalescent homes in Southwestern North Carolina. The cognizant residents of these homes often feel as though they are in prison since they have been removed from their homes and made to live away from familiar surroundings.

    John has met many wonderful, intelligent men and women who are hungry for God and his Word. There are also some who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; he is privileged to share the Gospel with them in expectant hope that God will regenerate their hearts allowing them to experience an abundant life now, with the assurance of eternal life with him in heaven. God is in the process of providing this life to all who receive him as Savior and Lord; the resident's lives may be shorter than we know, but what more peace could anyone have than to know the assurance of eternal life with him?

    Full Pardon Ministries' participation at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility's Youth Detention Center in Sanford, FL is continuing under the direction of John and Linda Snively. The focus of their ministry is to introduce the incarcerated youth to the hope and resurrection power of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They are blessed to experience God's power of transformation in many of the lives of the youth.

    Curtis and Lisa McGown - Columbia, SC

    Curtis serves as the executive director of Godspeed Resources Connection (GRC). He is involved in vision, administration, implementation, management, counseling, debriefing, consulting, and developing partnerships with churches and sending organizations.

    GRC is a group of Christian professional caregivers based in Columbia, South Carolina, that serves those sent cross-culturally for the sake of Christ by providing preventative and restorative care to strengthen their well-being in life and work.

    GRC provides holistic care exclusively to missionaries through two areas of focus: Indonesia (debriefing, counseling, consulting, and psychiatric care) and Southeastern United States (debriefing, counseling, spiritual direction, housing network, and professional referral network).

    Learn more about GRC