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Armonia - Cruz Family

Armonia is a Mexican, service-based,non-governmental organization working with some of the country's poorest urban and rural communities. Founded on Christian principles by the late Saul Cruz and his wife Pilar, its purpose is to transform poverty into an abundant, complete, and dignified life. Armonia has now become an international movement of Christians commitment to the poor and is currently being led by its co-founder and director Pilar Cruz and assistant director Saul Jr.

Armonia has three Christian transformation centers - Santa Cruz, Presidentes, and Jalalpa - in some of the poorest areas of Mexico City. In these centers, Armonía is involved with children's clubs, health clinics, biblical training, nutrition programs, worship meetings, and more.

The Armonia Indigenous Mexican Scholars (AIMS) program offers scholarships and a place to live to indigenous students from southern Mexico to enable them to go to high school and college.